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Bail Reform & Electric Monitoring Ankle Bracelets


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Good afternoon Sheriff, Hope all is well. I was hoping to pick your brain on an issue involving bail reform and ankle bracelets. A number of prosecutors have raised a concern over their use and it varies greatly from county to county. At a minimum, I think that there may be a disconnect between the judiciary and the county sheriff’s departments. The most typical example that raises alarm is when a defendant is picked up late on a Thursday night for a domestic violence charge. If all goes well, the defendant has first appearance that next day and the prosecutors will have hopefully gotten every bit of information in on the defendant. Even with the most diligent efforts, things going perfectly smooth is a rare occurrence. If the PSA calls for the defendants release on electronic monitoring, there is a dispute as to the efficacy and safety of the monitoring. It varies tremendously if a judge is willing to divert from the PSA no matter how good the arguments are for detention by the prosecutor. In some counties, the ankle bracelet gives real time monitoring. In other counties, the bracelet notifies a call center that may or may not be in this state. That call center then notifies a criminal division manager at the sheriff’s office or prosecutors office. A lot can happen between the time the call center is notified, and the criminal division manager gets notice to take action. If a defendant was released on electronic monitoring, they could easily go home and assault or harass the victim they were just picked up for assaulting, and it could be an entire weekend before anyone is notified. Has the sheriff’s association done an inventory of all electronic monitoring capabilities county by county? Has any sheriff’s office linked their electronic monitoring directly with the 911 system to notify that a defendant has violated the terms of their release? -B. Huch